100% Organic Natural Food Supplement!

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Why Wheatgrass:
100% Organic Natural Food Supplement having multiple health & wellness benefits such as:
Helps strengthen immune system (body resistance).
Alkaline food that helps balance blood pH towards normal.
Helps increases Haemoglobin (Red Blood Cells count / RBC count) in blood.
Helps combat Thalassemia, provides natural cure for Anemia and Sickle Cell Anemia.
Highly effective to reduce weight or achieve weight loss.
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Helps overcome skin disorders, improves skin & muscle tone.
Helps in detoxification of blood, resolves foul odors of breath and sweat.
Helps improve reproductive health of both men & women, increase vigor,
vitality & helps conceive.
Help combat blood & digestion related disorders such as Thalassemia, Anaemia, Leukemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity (Weight loss), Constipation, Acidity, Piles (Hemorrhoids), Ulcers, Arthritis, etc.
Paste of Wheatgrass Powder with milk applied like a face pack helps overcome skin problems such as Acne, Black/White heads, skin tan/burn etc.
Dietary fiber helps control blood sugar level, cholesterol level & prevents constipation.

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I wish you a continued fantastiq day
I can heartily recommend the above product!
Then you can of course also enjoy some nice music.


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