Weight Lose Silicon Magnetic Foot Massage At TripleClicks.

253448_s1.jpg gå ner i vikt magneter.
Body Building Weight Lose Slimming Massager Silicon Magnetic Foot Massage Toe Ring!
Free shipping Worldwide.
Item Description
Dimension: Diameter 2.5cm Width 1.3cm
Material: Silicone
Magnetic Strength: 1100 gauss
1pair = 2pcs in retail packing
Brand new and high quality.
1100 magnetic gauss scale to stimulate the foot massage.
Reduce fat on body, increase metabolism .
No harm to your skin . Increase your metabolism – thus helping with weight loss.
Massage the foot .
Fatty acids are flushed through the system rather than being deposited .
Improve body circulation .
The rings are soft and comfortable to wear and are virtually invisible
Package Included:
2 x Pair Magnetic Loss Weight Toe Ring
Myles R.
“These toe Ring really do make you feel very comfort,whenever you place them over both of your big toes,they will straight your toes too if you wear them from time to time. Feeling good about one self is what one want other to see about them”!….
Reviewed September 25, 2013
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