Britain E-commerce leads Western Europe buying online trend Springs 2014

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A surge in UK business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales in January 2014 reflected the growing consumer and business confidence. According to data from the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) and Capgemini, online sales grew by 18% year over year.

This growth points to a sharp increase in 2014, and IMRG forecast that online retail sales would grow 17%. The average UK consumers spent £ 78 (almost $ 121.88) online in January, compared with £ 76 ($ 118.75) in December and 74 pounds (close to $ 115.63) a year ago. Travel Sales have soared, growing 233% month on month, although it is also likely related to particularly dismal post-Christmas weather.
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eMarketer estimates that the UK leads the rest of Western Europe B2C E-Commerce sales, with $ 109.63 billion in 2014, close to double the second biggest market, Germany ($ 58.00 billion).

The floating spend is not the only factor to distinguish the UK. Device usage for digital purchases will also vary depending on Riverbed to research conducted by Loudhouse Research in July 2013. When it came to buying digital, British digital buyers registered across both France and Germany for all devices except for desktop-with a very small margin (70% in the UK, compared with 71% in both Germany and France).

If Britain really stands out is the use of smart devices, particularly tablets. Tablets already account for 10.4% of the UK retail e-commerce sales, and mobile phone sales pushed the UK to record e-Christmas. Riverbed found that 42% of UK digital buyers using such a device, compared with 31% in Germany and 24% in France. Smartphone use was also significantly higher in the UK, where consumers use their smart devices to buy, something that its European neighbors will probably begin to do when e-commerce sales is starting to really take off.

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This only shows that the trend in Europe persist, and want to increase dramatically
in the next 2-7 years.
Asia with countries like India will obviously also experience a dramatic
growth in e-commerce, where large sections of the population that has not been so stuffed wallet would get an opportunity with greater access to
Internet,computers, smartphones and tablets to buy products online…
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