Internet Tablets Take Off In Germany!

172462.jpg Apple Ipad mini

Internet Tablets Take Off In Germany!
The number of tablet users now 18 Million in Germany has doubled in a year.

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In Germany, is now 18 million tablet consumers, 26% of consumers aged 14 and older, according to a recent survey by BITKOM.
In late 2012 the proportion was only one of eight (13%).
Not surprisingly tablets have the greatest impact 34% among adults 30-49 demographic segments that are likely to be employed and have more disposable income.
Less impressive impact only 30% of consumers aged 14-29 that probably reflects their lower purchasing power, this group is already favored by the availability of cheaper models.
The use was also well established among consumers aged 50-64 30%.
In contrast, only 10% of seniors 64 and older
using tablets.

These figures complements a range of data from other sources. For example Fittkau&Maas has estimated that 27% of Internet users in Germany were tablet users in 2013, an almost four-fold increase since 2011. own figures put the growing use of tablets in the entire German population to 24.4% in 2013.
BITKOM estimates in its surveys a user percentage of 34% in early 2014. At the end of this year 2014, the number of tablet users having passed 25 million, an increase of 28% compared to 2013….
image_output.jpg Apple iPad

Again, the sharply rising user numbers for Internet
and products like tablets, but of course so does the use of internet even among smartphones, laptops and ordinary desktop computers.
The increase would also be reflected in the substantial increase in buying online e-commerce. We would probably all get to experience the growth of global e-commerce on the Internet in 2014.


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