THE Most Popular Online Games In History Arrive At TripleClicks!

logo-eagerzebracom.png Zebra GamesAnnouncing…Eager Zebra Games!
Did you know that one of the most popular things to do online today is play games? It’s a fact. A recent 17-page study, titled “2013 State of Online Gaming Report,” found that 44 % percent of the world’s online population are gamers. And it is estimated that over one BILLION People Worldwide play online games on a regular basis–with more than 100 million playing DAILY!

WOW!! That’s a marketplace we want to be in! TripleClicks has flirted with games in the past–such as with “Pick The Price,” but starting today, to use a card game term, we’re going “all in.”

Meet…Eager Zebra! Eager Zebra is the name of our new game division at TripleClicks. All the games that we’ll be developing will be built under the Eager Zebra banner (similar to how our Penny Auction are promoted under the Pricebenders banner).582128_570901826317298_1405131655_n.jpg familjen flinta

Our first game, a very simple prediction game we call Time Machine, debuts today. You can go check out Time Machine and enter right now at:

We’re kids at heart at SFI, so we’re really excited about Eager Zebra and we think you’re going to be get excited too once you see the whole program and all the additional games we’ve got coming.

Time Machine…just ONE game…that’s it?
That’s definitely not it! We have to crawl before we can walk…and walk before we can run. Time Machine is a great little game to get the ball rolling, to “cut our teeth” on, but it’s definitely only the beginning. We have at least five games already in development and even more on the way–many which are much more elaborate than Time Machine.

And, this Fall, one of the THE most popular online games in history is scheduled to arrive at TripleClicks. So, yeah, we’d have loved to have launched Eager Zebra with several games, but even the world’s greatest symphony starts with but a single note…
1383113_10151722562232659_2070967263_n.jpg Fred flinta


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