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As consumers in Italy adopt smartphones rapidly, the country’s retail market is moving to handsets.

According to research, retail was the fastest-growing sector on mobile last year….

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Mobile is seen dominating e-commerce in 4 years! U.S. sales by tablet and smartphone are expected to climb to $114 billion by the end of this year and surge to $293 billion in 2018, accounting for a majority of all online sales by then, according to a Forrester report. Tablets are expected to eventually dominate, even though more consumers own smartphones today.

E-commerce, Forrester’s just-released prediction is that those transactions will amount to $293 billion by 2018, a whopping 54% of all online sales.

Tablets are expected to drive $219 billion of those purchases, and smartphones $74 billion. And by the end of this year, writes analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, combined table and mobile sales are expected to total $114 billion, powered by media products, clothing and consumer electronics.

And while smartphone users currently outnumber tablet users by some two to one, Forrester predicts that tablets’ larger screens will lead them to top the total percentage of smartphone buyers within four years. Overall, she says U.S. online retail sales are still growing, and she expects a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% for the next five years, hitting $414 billion by 2018. (That’s about 11% of all retail sales, compared with its current 9%.)

In the larger e-commerce picture, apparel and consumer electronics continue to be the biggest purchases, generating more than 25% of the total volume this year.

Devices are driving online sales, with consumers’ myriad “mobile moments” a key factor. “These consumers are accessing the Web more than ever, in more diverse environments than before, primarily while in rooms of their home other than an office (e.g., living room or kitchen) or in stores,” she writes, with some retailers reporting as many as 20% of sales coming from mobile devices. The digital adeptness of Gen Y, many of whom have been using the Internet since kindergarten, is also a key factor. “In fact, the 32.5 million U.S. consumers who comprise Gen Y spent an average of $563 online in the last three months, more than any other demographic group.”

But clever online marketing for some merchants also deserve some credit, such as Zulily, which she reports has grown nearly 100% in the last year, and even Amazon, which added 1 million new Amazon Prime customers during the critical holiday shopping season. (The report notes that online retail does significantly better during the holiday period.)

She says retailers, many of whom declared mobile platforms to be their No. 1 priority for this year, need to be even more intently focused, and created mobile experiences that are more than simply scaled-down versions of platforms designed for desktops. Consumers are adopting devices rapidly, with 200 million in the U.S. owning a smartphone, and 100 million a tablet, compared with 62 million and 8 million in 2010.

“Today, a minority of mobile phone and tablet owners are actually purchasing products on these devices. In fact, we estimate that only 38% of smartphone owners and 31% of tablet owners will purchase on those devices in 2014,” the report says. “We expect that figure to grow to 55% and 61%, respectively, for smartphones and tablets by 2018.”

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354558_s1.jpg grön väska

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imagesYMUT3N09.jpg Recruting

Welcome To The Five-Star Grand Hotel Stockholm Sweden In March 2015!

Stockholm.jpg grand hotell


images.jpg grand hotell


Make a strong mark in your calender for the weekend and Saturday 14 March 2015.

Stockholm International Charity Ball at the 5 Star Grand Hotel.

The Charity Ball main purpose is to raise funds to helping vunerable Children in different countries.

The Charity Ball theme its right now in secret, but would become public July 1, 2014

We are going to be known throughout the World as a must attend event and signifies the beginning of the Spring

Social seson in 2015.

We intend to in 2015 Charity Ball to raise our ambitions into a 5 Star level, with many new very interesting and

surprises that want to be published under the coming months.

The event is on the calender of some of the Worlds most prestigious individuals and is held in the famus

5 Star Grand Hotel Stockholm and attended by many influential personalities, multinational business executives,

ambassadors, celebrities and Royalty from around World.

In 2015 Stockholm International Charity Ball, theres theme right now it secret there will be holding an presentation

from some of the most well nown people in the World who attend the Charity Ball to enjoy events over 3 Days

in the Royal Country of Sweden.

All attendants will also enjoy some of the very best cuisine Stockholm and Sweden can offer.

This will be the best ever Charity Ball, an event not to be missed.

Much more info will show up in the coming months.

Here you can see a short video from our event we hold in 2014. 

grand-hotel430i.jpg Grand hotell lilians swet

Pamper yourself during These events, Book Princess Lilian Suite of 330 sqm. Enjoy the magnificent view over the Royal Castle from ” Verandan” one of the Grand Hotel‘s most famous Resturants.

11492895242.jpg grand hotell verandan

drottningen.jpg Grand hotell kungen och Silvia

Their Royal Highnesses King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.


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Thanks for dropping in to my Site.
It would be much more new stuff
and more info about Our Charity event
in the coming months.
Below you can enjoy the pretty new Swedish music.
I like this kind of music.

Have a fabulous day:) 
Best Regards                                                                      
Erling.A. Sjokvist



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