The factor that ensures continued growth for Internet businesses is the acceptance by consumers of digital environments. People have taken to Cyberspace. Despite the many predictions to the contrary, people have warmed up to digital environments with enthusiasm. Many Web communities have been formed and their participants report feeling all warm and cozy in those digital environments. Participants have developed a strong sense of identity with the digital communities such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. As Moore’s Law has continued to operate over the years, technology has become more and more capable of producing engrossing digital environments in which most of the world’s population enthusiastically participates.


To assuring a prosperous future for Internet entrepreneurs is convergence. Simply defined, convergence is the coming together of separate things. Convergence has occurred at both the industry level and the consumer level. On the industry level; computing, communications, and media companies have merged. On the consumer level, smart phones and smart TVs are commonplace. Consumers have combined their phones, personal computers, and televisions into one integrated media system. Even our money has become digital, as we have automatic bank deposits of our earnings while we buy things with our smart phones or the quick swipe of a debit or credit card. The Internet has so involved itself in our personal lives, there is no turning back. We have converged into a digital world.


The Moore’s Law, acceptance of digital environments, and convergence–assure us that the potential of the Internet for the home-based entrepreneur continues to be nothing less than incredible. In the digital world, the large corporations have to compete, not just with each other but also with the home-based e-commerce entrepreneurs. The large conglomerates no longer have the exclusive advantage. Given the low cost of computing power, individual entrepreneurs now have at their disposal the raw materials to develop digital products and processes and make them available to the world. Even more importantly, individual entrepreneurs can ban together in digital environments (such as SFI) to combine their skills and knowledge and use convergence to their advantage in a very efficient way, rivaling the large companies with the results.


To obtain convergence, you must bring together computing power, media content, and information processing. To obtain the economies of scale, you should position yourself within a digital community where resources can be shared. Despite the low cost of computing, there is still power in numbers with regard to media content and information processing. To position yourself as a marketer for one of the longest lasting and most successful digital communities in existence is without doubt the smartest move you could possibly make right now. Having done that, you can use your individual creativity, skills, and resources in an environment of freedom employing the low cost computing power at your disposal to obtain your financial goals. Due to the things discussed in this short chapter, there is an unprecedented opportunity available to you right now as an SFI affiliate and as an e-commerce consumer. You have but to take advantage of it, and this is just a small beginning.

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