Happy New Online Business Year 2015!

Happy New year 2015


My new real website is under construction,
it wants to be the Launch in February 2015
So this blog is just a temporary solution.……..

Happy New Year 2015!
Then we can place in 2014, to the historical archive.
For my part, it sadly has been another year
most of the try and errors.
My professional history fills 36 years
of experience in sales,
marketing, team building and more.
But unfortunately I lack the deeper
technical knowledge of computers
and the complicated programming.
It was not untill the end of 2014,
I finally found what I
has looking for in the recent years.
Since I am not a web master
I have not myself been able to construct
a professional website previously but
everything has for me been surprisingly
taken a very positive sharp turn.

A few weeks ago I started a
work to build my new professional
website, which will be launch
in February 2015.
It is very important to make
everything correctly from the beginning so I have no
hurry at all, it will take the time necessary.
Just throw up a website / blog without
to perform the very important basic work
is a waste of time, because the result is guaranteed
will be bad and fruitless.

My new website that want to go live
from February will be of great
help for all who want to start their own
real online business.
I am 54 years now so that the rest of my
life will
my big mission be to help people
to start and build up
their own online business and that
construct a professional website that
really works.

You’re thinking fine but you are not the first person to
do it ..
And that it is absolutely right, I will also not be
the last either.
But I will be the first and only one on this planet 
doing it on my personal way ..
The younger generation is
born and grew up with computers
and internet so
my website is Intended for People age 45-50+
but of course all people of all ages who does not have the
complicated technical programming knowledge to build themselves
their own professional website and start their own
online business obviously want to find very much valuable
help,tips,ideas and much much more on my new website.

The Internet is growing globally
with a furious pace, so that
time is absolutely quite right
to realize your dreams,
your hobby, ideas, find your nich
and start your own
online business as a small
extra income or as a new
full-time income. my new
website would contain
what you need..

So now I want to wish you all a continued very warm and
happy new online business year 2015.

My Very Best Regards