SEO Slopes, And CTPM Business Tools Takes Over!


SEO slopes, and CTPM Business Tools takes over.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) take step back. The CTPM method (Content, Traffic, PREsell, Monetize) business tools takes over in a natural way. Act upon the way people use the web today, and you are going to be able to build a real profitable long-term e Business. Just take for example, the number of new smartphone users worldwide is increasing dramatically. It creates a large demand for information, products and services through people’s smart phones and internet. Think about all the fantastic new opportunities that will creates.

Is that so simple. Yes… But not “easy” because a real e business required work effort, but in a different way than with offline business, and its associated big economic risk taking. I have over 30 years experience as small offline business owner, so i think run a small e business today is associated with very small risk taking, but instead big opportunities if you have knowledge and the proper e business tools.. Today there is no web technical barriers that will stop you, even if you are the “newest newbie” lacks web programming knowledge. Instead, you can focus 100% on building your business.

Create always content, primarily for living persons: your visitors and your customers. Help them solve their problems, give them the information they ask for. Create a user friendly and mobile friendly website or blog. Use only keyword that is relevant and related to your e business. Links is something you deserve in a natural way, by creating a good reputation, with the help of your perfect information, your perfect products, your perfect service, then would links come automatically. It takes a little longer, but you will never have problems with Google.

To use CTPM method, and slowly build up a rock solid and long-term e business, would give much greater and safer return to you in the long run, than to look for the latest trendiest SEO Loopholes.

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