Is There Jobs For Senior Citizens?


Jobs For Senior Citizens, today in the 21th Century, internet have become the solution. Did you know, that today there is more people in the age 50+ that are starting a small home based, e business, than people that are under age 30. Job searching can be very intimidating for anyone who has not applied for a new position in recent decades. I think not many 10 years ago could predict that the internet could help people from all type of professions and in all countries, to create new fantastic opportunities for people desiring to make a midlife career change, redundant baby boomers or retired seniors 64+.

But o my Gud.. What if I’m too old? many thinks.. Far from it, you are never too old, if you do not act as if you already are. Generally speaking, people who are 50+ today is much more youthful, both physically and mentally, than only 35 years ago. Start thinking of yourself as a great asset, think of your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. All 45+, baby boomers and seniors 60+ person possess unique knowledge and experience, as the 20+ and 30+ Internet generation lacks. Just in the last few years, Internet technology has developed so quickly and become much more user friendly. This means that you and I, who might not be as web-savvy as a 27 year old person, today absolutely can start a small home based business online, without first having to become a web programmer..

Baby Boomers and Freelance Business.

Let’s kicking off immediately with an example.. Retired 60+ Seniors or 45+ midlifers, can start a flowering home based business online. Small business owners, freelancer, selfemployed and private individuals need help with accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services. But they usually have a small budget, using a larger accounting firms can be to expensive. Seniors and midlifers with an accounting background or maybe they are a retired chartered accountant can find a profitable niche by starting a small one man or women business as an accountant, bookkeeper, personal office assistants. The beauty of these types of jobs is that you can now work from home in full time, or on the hourly basis. Small local craftsman, for example: plumbers, electricians usually one man businesses, are just some examples of your customer Group.


So if you are 50+ or 62+ and maybe retired, with the help of today’s Internet technology can work from your own home and at the same time perform various office services, answering the phone, bookkeeping, etc. In this above example, an electrician who must constantly be out and work in the field of their clients. Thus get help, without the need for expensive fixed office space and staff, today’s Internet technology has created work for you as a senior citizen, and easier for small business owner.

What just a few years ago was much more technically complicated, more expencive and required special skills, have now become accessible and manageable for you and all others who do not have web programming training. Internet is growing every day, and the number of new Internet users who have access to high speed internet increases very fast.

Many midlifers, baby boomers and seniors suffer from redundancies. Of course redundancy has many experienced before when they were younger maybe under 30, and found it difficult to come back then. And although many have a solid education, they are not under 30 years longer people who are 50+ are considered as a “faddy daddy”. Life experience or relevant experience in say sales, but from another industry is not worth what it may once have been. For many many midlifers and seniors, after working a long life and been promised the moon after the age of 60. Many are now forced to work to the age of 70 to pay down mortgages….. Continue Reading

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