Mobile Friendly Business Sites What Have Happened?


Are You Mobile Friendly Or Still Some Improvements Needed?
Become mobile friendly! Well.. What has happened so far? It has been nearly 6 months since “Google April 21st update”, that would boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages and most important of all, be more useful on consumers mobile devices. When consumers do mobile search can they easy get the information, get help, find Products or service they’re looking for? What types of businesses, do people internet search to find? Are they Happy about the result to the updated and mobile friendly web pages, for small “brick and mortar businesses”. What can make mobile users disappointed. Let us take a look in this article and see if still some improvement, is Needed..

All must now be on the Internet, or you will be soon out of business. But it is not enough with a business website or blog. It must also be mobile friendly and fully stocked with information and at the same time super easy to manage on a small screen with a finger, for all of your potential customers even the “newest newbie”.

But you, who are a small local “brick and mortar business’ owner with little interest and little technical knowledge to create a real business website or blog, which is up-to-date and mobile friendly. Relax, do not be worried because it is much easier and inexpensive than you think, you can actually manage Everything by yourself Today.

Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves Here We Go…..

The previously predicted big “Mobilegeddon” has so far not occurred. Some website who not have upgrade have fallen in the rankings, and those who upgraded their website has risen in the rankings. But there have been small movements no big bang, and it seems that Google is trying to push sites slowly towards mobile friendly. Many people think, guess and speculate so much, it’s only a few people at Google who knows exactly what will happen. Logically, I guess simply that Google will run a “we want to be nice style” in a shorter transition time. Probably googles tactics may change after a while, and i think we’ll see a much tougher approach in future, against business websites and blogs who are not mobile friendly.

I think that’s the most logical approach, because the number of new smartphone users worldwide will rise sharply over the next 5 years. So do not forget that the main cause of “Google’s April 21 update” is that consumers and customers, That is to say You, Me and all other smartphone users on this planet will get a better search experience on the Internet. So it will go much faster and be much easier to find the information and assistance, products and services that people are looking for and want by using their mobile devices.

Mobil friendly

Your business website or blog is your storefront and shop (e Commerce) on the Internet. Continuing the content is most important to your business website, that is the main reason people choose to click on your site. But of course to be mobile friendly and user friendly, is very important factors that helps people find and choose your web business. it has to be super easy to navigate a touchscreen with the swipe of a finger, it must look good, and be able to give your potential customers what they are looking for. Your main goal is that even those potential customers who are the “newest newbie” easily and quickly, to be able to navigate around, and be able to choose e Commerce on your Website or Blog.
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