Find local businesses, the eternal question of how do you as an small local business, using your excellent and relevant content marketing to catch the interest of consumers, before they are captured by your competitors’ online sites. In this article you will find activities, which is Free, very effective, very simple and quick to perform, and that Will Immediately affect, your target audience and potential customers’ ability to find your small local business, when they make their Internet Search.. Remember it is always your content which is the main reason why people choose to click on your link, when they found it.

According to “Google+ Small Business”, It’s now ONLY 16% of ordinary consumers that DON’T daily or regularly, using search engines to find local business. And gather information for making local purchases. This means, that over 80% of your potential customers get their initial impressions online, at your “brick and mortar Business”, and not when they actually visits your physical store and business.

But how can this statement by Google be true? I think this is a logical and natural consequence of the very fast development of the Internet and all new equipment, software, technologies. Deployment of fiber optic lines, expansion of the mobile network 4G, and in only a few years 5G. New more advanced computers, and mobile devices such as smart phones. Of course, Internet connection and various devices have become and are becoming cheaper in most countries.

However, it should be mentioned that not all countries have reached as far, for there are still many locations with poor internet coverage, or to smart phones and internet access continues to be a costly investment. But the Internet’s expansion going on at a furious pace in most countries. And as you can see Live Here, new internet and smart phone users, popping up every second.

There is a rapid development and sales of new smartphones, which are cheap and custom-designed for different markets such as India, where today, a large part of the population has limited financial resources, but will become very avid users of the new digital technology, within the next 5 years, thank’s to the big “Digital India” project..

In many countries, like for example, the United States, and most of Europe, and similar countries. Here strikes the e Commerce, new amazing record, almost every month. But despite new records, far from all small business still have a real internet presence. Small businesses may be even less connected than you thought. Which sadly mean they will be left behind, the competitors who already have a proper internet presence can very easy catch potential customers who make their Internet search.

Although, in the countryside and in small towns, local business has its advantage to just be local and therefore are often known by locals, for example a local plumber, electrician or your local supermarket. However in large towns is the competition bigger and small businesses find it harder to be seen without Internet presence.


It is actually very surprising and remarkable that about 60% of very small businesses (with one to five persons, including the owner) does not have a business blog or website. And only about 12% have a well updated Facebook page. The percentages are about the same globally, for example in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Italy, UK and US. That today, as small business owners rely only on word-of-mouth is almost like playing Russian Roullet. Because most consumers take today for granted, especially the younger generation that all companies, regardless of size, have a proper business blog or website…

The reasons why small businesses regardless of the country, does not have a real internet presence is the classic ones: Consider themselves too small for a real website, lacks web-technical knowledge and interest to self build a website, and many consider the cost of acquiring a website has been too high in relation to the benefits they so far have been able to see and understand, of having a business website..

I’ve said it many times here on my website, but say it again. For the smallest businesses can this lack of internet presence quickly become critical because they usually have small financial margins. And when competitors start catching up on customers in front of theirs nose, using their business websites can it mean too many small business without websites, in the worst case have devastating consequences…



Google has updated its search quality rating guidelines. Since this article is about how consumers use search engines to find a business, so Google november 19 2015, has rolled out a New Update, the first in this area since 2013. It is in short about how consumers use the internet to find what they are searched for and a lot has happened in two years.

If you have not already read the new google update, so I recommend you take a look. There you can see that the natural and logical CTPM method (Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize), is completely in line with how Google sees online search, and ranking. To give Internet users the answers they’re looking for, Quick! In short, It assumes you can provide a unique, valuable and relevant content. As consumers find on your user and mobile friendly site.

Today there is over 200 factors in Google’s ranking algorithms, but there is no need for you as small local business to focus on those. I have put together a small list, further down, what is most important, and also easiest for you to implement. So consumer easy can find you, when they making their internet search….. Welcome to read full Article…

Have a Fabulous Day:)