SEO for midlifers, how important is it in the 21st Century? Globally, there are over 3.5 billion Internet searches, Each day. For small business sites, is today’s SEO on user engagement, what a real user are doing with your site, and the growing importance of this. Today more than ever, you must have a site, That is truly useful and mobile friendly, for real people, for what your business blog or website is all about.

Google has sent out very clear (update) signals, that this will pay off through better ranking results. On the Internet today, it all hangs together everything is so interrelated, so it’s hard to point out one or two specified SEO signal. But make no mistake, today you must build a blog or website, that is the very best possible resources, for whatever your business is about, whatever your topic is, whatever your Chosen Niche is, whatever your products or services are.

Your business site, must be the best resource for that. Your site must be a super brilliant place that people jumps into, reads and say WOW! This was really valuable and relevant, this is exactly what i’m have searching for, and those people will certainly come back, and go to more of your pages, and they will talk about and share your site, with friends and others.

So Ladies and Gentlemen everything is today connected, your content will create strong signals to the “social media family”. And it will in turn be independently signaling to Google that your site is very popular, that your site is valuable, it is relevant. Therefore, Google wants to help, by your site get a better ranking. You should know that everything that Google now is building into its complex algorithm system are smoothly leading us all, more and more toward an Internet in the 21st century, That we all really want. Out of your seo efforts, and consumers want to get much better answers to their questions, from their daily internet searches. This is the main mission Google Have… SEO is not dead, far from it, It is still part you need to consider, for example, and as I have already said, super user and mobile Friendliness.


Many of you are probably heard about, and wondering what is really SEO?
SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization). It is the important process of getting traffic to your website or blog from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. One could also say that seo for midlifers, is methods to make your online business visible on the internet. I will not do a very deep dive into the topic, but my point is that you should get an understanding of what it is and what it stands for. There are plenty of sites if you do a search, on the Internet that dive deep to the topic, for those who think its very interested and want to deepen their knowledge.

You’ve probably also heard that SEO is very complicated, and it is true enough. But to implement SEO for your small business, so there is no reason for concern. You do not need to first become a technical expert or a web programmer. Here on my website, you will find lots of Free tips and good advice, to build and run your own small e Business, which seo course included. But there are no short cuts or quick-fix. You shall ignore distractions, to not get caught in “SEO fads”. Today’s modern SEO is all about three things …

On-page SEO (never keyword stuffing, but focus on one keyword per page, per article. Get the keyword and the synonyms in the content enough times so that search engines know what the page, this article is all about)
Off-page SEO (getting links to your site, improve bounce rates)
Technical SEO (be user and mobile-friendly, site speed, avoiding duplicates)
All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo search results, which primarily web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers the most valuable and relevant to users, based on their issues. Search engine optimization may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. And that’s it too, but for you to start a small e business and build a website or blog, you do not need to learn the smallest details, but it is quite enough to have a simple overview. Search engines give reward to websites and blogs with the right combination of ranking factors or signals. SEO is all about making sure your content generates the right kind of signals.

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