How Can Local SEO, Customer Reviews, Raise Your Ranking.

Local SEO And Local Search.

How can local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization), Help consumers who do local search? And how important is customer reviews. There you have three key ingredients, how to increase your search engine rankings,. So your potential customers can find your business when they do Internet Research. By the way, according to Google, makes consumers an average of 12 Internet searches before they decide which store they will visit. In this article you will find Free tips and good advice, in order to update your website or blog so that you can ensure that your local business is among these 12 searches ..

In most of my articles I focus very much on how your visitors, your potential customers will be able to find you and your small business, when they make their Internet search, before they find all your competitors. The first thing you must do is to start where your visitors begins. This article is about local SEO, local search, and customer reviews of the small local business.

All have seen and experienced, large and rapid changes on the Internet today, new technologies and an explosion of smartphone users. This creates new behavior pattern, as consumers and your customers have quickly adapted. So although obviously Google and the other search engines. But many small local businesses (1-5 people including the owner) has not come as far as their potential customers, and there are several reasons for this.

For example, a local electrician without employees, he sees no need, or he has no interest in learning how to build a real internet presence and e Business, but instead quickly throw up a free blog. Small business usually have a small budget so that this has also been a limiting factor for many. But because the internet and consumers have rapidly changed the entire landscape, a proper Internet presence has today become very crucial. Don’t let your competitors so easy grab your potential customers, straight in front of your Nose.

I would again point out that you should optimize your site, first and foremost based on what is the very best for your potential visitors and customers. A website or a blog today is not the same as 10-15 years ago. Then it was a very technical complex, very costly and did not have the same meaning as today, because people had a different behavior patterns on the internet, and that was also before smart phones. Your site is today, your “brick and mortar business” in the digital version on the Internet, it is your digital storefront. So once again, the most important thing for you as a small business owner is that your potential customers can quickly and easily find your site when they do their internet search before they find all your competitors.

Once you have completed the basic simple technical local SEO as I suggest, will your content be the most crucial, just as it is in your real-world “brick and mortar business.” If your store or business, is not able to offer well stocked shelves, you and your staff are service minded, then it will be difficult to get customers.

During the summer of 2014, Google made an update, as they called for “Pigeon update”. The aim was, to Provide Consumers a more Useful, relevant and accurate local search results. In 2015, there were several updates, first was to become a mobile friendly site, later in the summer came several updates that rather a change in the way local business information is displayed on the search engine results page. In November came an update which was about customers rating, and it will have an influence on search results. Anyway, the “pigeon update” which started in 2014 and then continued in 2015 aims to help people doing local internet search to find valuable and relevant local search results.

For you who are a small local business owner and spend a lot of time filling your mobile friendly site with valuable and relevant content. If you rely on natural organic search results, and little or none on paid search will get an extra push, as the result from the recent one and half year, of “pigeon updates” from Google.

During my over 30 years experience of run my small business is “word of mouth” worked just fine as Rating and Review. But as you know only over the past 5 years, the dramatic development of the Internet has completely changed the game rules, and the way people make their “word of mouth” ratings. Ladies and Gentlemen. Continue To Read This Article, That I Posted First Time At My Own Website.

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