How can bricks-and-clicks in combined, sharply benefit small local “brick and mortar” businesses and of course most important all the customers, in digital 2016? Consumers that already have one, or will soon become one of all (globally) 10s of millions of new digital smartphone users , that pop up Every Day. There is no doubt, very soon, will all your customers become smartphone users, by implement bricks-and-clicks, your local small business revenue will Increase.

The name “bricks-and-clicks” began to appear for about 15 years ago, but its function, was much more simple, than it is today. Customers send in their order, to a brick and mortar business via the Internet. In the early 2000s, the Internet was still newborn, and there was no smart phones, it would take many years before we can see similarities with the realities of today 2016.

Do you remember, that just for 6-7 years ago it was quite unusual to see persons walking in the streets with smartphones. Today, all have smartphones, and for example in countries such as Nigeria and India have the big smartphones revolution really been intense. Today, smart phones as common to see people walking around with in the Dharavi slum area in multi million city of Mumbai in India. As you can see in the streets of Paris, Lisboa in Portugal, Bogota in Colombia and Los Angeles USA. This has in turn led to the purpose of “bricks-and-clicks” quickly upgraded, modernized. It’s all new smartphone users during the last 3-4 years have made that consumers around the Globe, flash quickly changed their behavior patterns. And small local businesses must of course follow their customers new behavior.


Before 2010, discussed it loudly that e Commerce was a threat to them established small local brick and mortar businesses. This was at the time when smartphones still were newborn and rare. As the Mobile 3G network became more and more developed in all countries combined with that in 2013 was sold huge amounts of new smartphones. People’s internet habits and the way people in all countries checking the various businesses, products, services and doing their purchases, very dramatically, and in a very short time have changed..

Today, the Mobile 4G network made its entry in many countries, and under construction in others, this would further enhance the internet performance on smart phones. According to Ericsson,  the Swedish company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of equipment for building networks for mobile communication, the next generation already on the way. The first big reality test area, for the demonstration of 5G Technology Solutions, will be During The Fifa World Cup 2018 in football in Russia.

But have this really any great significance, for your small local brick and mortar business? The more capacity increases on the new generations of smart phones, combined with Mobile 4G network and within 5 years when the 5G beginning to be rolling out on a large scale, it will be critical for small local brick and mortar business survival, to be on the Internet with a complete “bricks-and-clicks” e Business.

Today it is no longer e Commerce a threat to your small brick and mortar business, but rather a big opportunity to increase sales and above all, to adapt to the consumers “digital” expectations and requirements. For about 10 years ago it was much more complicated and expensive to create a website and e Commerce. Today you do not first need to become a computer expert or a web programmer to build out a complete and mobile friendly Internet presence, to your own small local brick and mortar business.

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