Increase web traffic to your Business site.   Well the first condition for that people shall be able to click on your sites, is that they can easy find your business on internet. Which mean that you must have a proper internet presence.

But even with a internet presence, people will not, click on your sites because of what you do or offers. They will click on your sites, because of Why you do what you are doing, and Why you offers your products or services.

Always start with to place your Business on internet. Still in 2017, not even 50% of all small Businesses have a proper internet presence. So let’s look at this “4 pillars” …

But why is that so important? Many small business have already a blog or a Facebook site, is not that enough? This was maybe OK for 6 years ago, and before the big smartphone revolution. Today it is your visitors and your customers, you need to focus on first.

In general, people in most countries has today in 2017, acquired various types of smart mobile devices. And they love to use them anytime and anywhere, to find information, to find a business and different types of products or services .. 

Google and the other search engines also focuses on that small Businesses will establish the “4 pillars”. Because it then becomes much easier for Google to manage its main task. That is to organize the world of information on the internet, and provide the searchers with the best search results.

When your small business has implemented these pillars, Google will rewards you with better rankings. And your potential visitor and customers, will find you much easier, and get much better user experience…

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