Local SEO, It’s first of all about giving your Small local Business a “4 pillars” internet presence. Because that will help your potential visitors and customers tremendously, to finding your local business, long before they can find your competitors. You will learn how easy and inexpensive, you can fix it Yourself.  http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/local-seo.html

Always strive to maximum satisfy your potential visitors and customers search intent… Are your content, useful and/or interesting to your target audience. Is it unique enough, to stands out from your competitors..

  • What is NAP Data?
  • Why is it so important to make your NAP Data, very easy visible?
  • Do not aim for perfection, write and posting on your Business sites first for living persons, your potential visitors and customer. Your small Business are there to helping, to solving your target audiences needs and search intent..
  • People, will always click on your sites, visited your store, Because of Why you do what you are doing, Why you offers your products or services.

According to Google, makes people an average of 12 Internet searches before they decide, when and to what Business/Store, they will visit. Make sure your business, is amongst these 12 searches people makes. That your small Business are perfectly ready to help and resolve your laser-targeted audience search intent.

Did you know that Google now processes  over 40,000 search queries every Second, 24/7… To be easy found on Google must be first priority, for you and your small Business..

But the biggest problem for small Businesses (1-10 people including the owner) is that still in 2017 not even 50% have a real internet presence. The purpose of my website is to help small Business owners..

I give you free guidance, about why and how to create a real internet presence. Before all your potential visitors and customers, are attracted to your competitors who already have build a proper internet presence…



Even if you are the “newest newbie”… I believe that you can easily fix, the most important local SEO foundation, by yourself, with the help of my free tips and guidance. So you can give potential visitors and customers, a fair chance to finding you online.

But you should absolutely not feel overwhelmed, and thinking that Local SEO it’s too much to learn for me, i have no time, i don’t see the need, and i am not so interested… The only thing you should concentrate on, is the “4 pillars” below… Install them and there is a much bigger chance for your small Business, to be found by your target audience. 

However, i will be frank with you. Because I won’t even pretend to know all the SEO, criteria that search engines track, not even how they weight them. I can tell you with the biggest certainty, that this knowledge does not matter, for the biggest majority of small local Business owners. 

All you have to do is “skip the maths” and jump straight into, creating and deliver what your target audience, your potential visitor and customers, actually are seeking fore… In this article, you will not find any local SEO trickery and manipulation tips, but just natural certainties, about Why and How your target audience, will find your small Business.

Continue Reading.. http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/local-seo.html

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)


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