How to Acquire Valuable Customers With Pinterest Advanced Targeting??

Pinterest recently hit 175 million monthly active users, a year-over-year increase of more than 50 percent, according to an article by Melanie Kaufman, .

And data from Mary Meeker, reveals that Stunning 55% percent of Pinterest users say they are there for shopping! Compare that figure, with only 12% percent of visitors on other social media… So what are you as Small Business owner waiting for?

Three-quarters of saved content on Pinterest is from businesses, making advertising a natural, instead of disruptive, component of the platform.

Since users turn to Pinterest for inspiration and to plan for the future — from meals and outfits to home-improvement projects and holiday destinations — brands can win over Pinners who are interested in products.

Read also my article, Why will social media benefit small Businesses more in 2017..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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