Top productiv online marketing practices for small Businesses in India.. By Xenia Volynchuk.. , As Facebook’s second largest market, yielding just 6 million users to the US, India is definitely one of the most interesting Economies to analyze, and i think also to get involved into…

India has emerged as the fastest growing major Economy in the world per the Central Statistics Organization and the International Monetary Fund. Today 34.8 percent of India’s population is using the Internet, and this figure is about to reach 55 percent or more by 2025…

I can warmly recommend you to keep reading this article, by Xenia Volynchuk.. To get insights into the marketing industry, country-specific techniques for lead generation and conversion, as well as tips on starting a career in digital marketing and conducting marketing research, etc ….

Apart from China, is India and Thailand very interesting, when it comes to digital marketing.. With many facts on the table, it leads to a logical conclusion: the Golden Age of digital marketing in India and Thailand is yet to come..

Therefor, i believe it is about time, to jump on this Asian internet marketing, express train, before it leave the station, and you been left behind..

For small Businesses it is important to quickly become online, in a simply and inexpensive doit yourself way..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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