In this study about local search and local marketing, done by Mike Blumenthal, al facts and figures comes from the real life, of an small local Business, in the last quater of 2016.. Look at the figures about Web traffic source – Source to key performance indicator…

Mike talk about, that small local Business needs to be aware of the fact that many (actually most) of their new customers are coming from Google.. And the potential visitors and customers have very quick adopted the new digital reality. They can really handle a smartphone and internet, to solve their local search intent.

If you whant potential visitors and customers to find your small local Business.. Those stunning figures, proves in black on white, that all types of small Businesses in all countries, need today a “4 pillars” internet presence, there is no doubt about that..

How To Find Local Business In 2017… Yes, we know that people have in the last 5 years very quick, obtained new behavior patterns on internet. You must become search-friendly, because people have quickly adopted the new web-technic, they have acquired smart mobile devices, and people have access to internet everywhere and all the time… 

Find Local Business Is About To Present an “4 pillars” Internet Presence, Install NAP Data, Local Keywords, Become User And Mobile Friendly, You Will Overfill Your Sites, With Your Unique, Home-Made, Valuable and Relevant Content. Your Local Business Will Fill a Need, And Of Course, Solve People Search Intent..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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