The Sunday talk by Omi Sido.

Sometimes people asking. – Hey Omi, how do you find all those clever thoughts of yours? Do you write them down? Do you remember everything that you say?

So I am say, No… I don’t do any of this stuff. Most of the time I would talk to people. They may come back to me and they may say ‘What did you mean by this or that?’

And then I’m gonna be like ‘If they think is clever, then it must t be clever.’ So I’m just gonna find an appropriate image, attach the quote and there you go. You’ve got your five minutes of fame…

Social media marketing for small Businesses is can be quick, simply and inexpensive.. Just listen few minutes to Dennis Yu, when he expaine how your small local Business can reach out to your potential visitors and customers…

Welcome also to read my social media article.. Why will Social media marketing benefiting small Businesses more in 2017.. 

Social media marketing is today used by over 70% of small Businesses, and have become the main marketing tool. But far from all small Businesses know why and how to do it properly. To quickly just throw up a Social site, is not recommendable. But do not misunderstand, to create and daily maintain your Social sites, don’t need at all to be complicated, expensively or time consuming…



Don’t aim for perfection, but strive to just be yourself, be unique, be natural, and to become the best marketer you can.. Make sure to posting fotos of yourself and your staff, don’t become a anonym and shy Business, potential visitors and customers will love to know who you are and how you looks…

You yourself, your unique personality, your home made content and social marketing posting, the way you talking and act with all your visitors and customers. All this is what makes you and your small Business to stands out, because that is so very hard to copy by other..

People will click on your Business sites, and visit your physical Business, because of Why you offer your products or services, visitors looks carefully for things that differentiates your Business from your competitors….

Learn why Social presence today is a matter of course for all type of small Businesses.

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)


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