–  Ben Davis, have written an article about Technical search engine optimisation (SEO).. That describes the simple efforts, you as an small Business owner, need to do.. That to ensure that your Business website is working and doing what each page are supposed to, according Google guidelines..

You do this efforts because that will make your site become indexed and ranked for keyphrase searches accordingly… Technical SEO is about become (search, user and mobile-friendly, it is about site speed, avoiding duplicates)

You must ensure your site is SEO friendly, that is of course very important. But SEO is not the most critical, your Business site is just a site.. You must overfill it with content that can solve people search intent.

People don’t click on your sites, to buy what you do or offers. People click on your sites, visit your shopp and buy from you, because of Why you offer your products or services… And by “why” i don’t mean to earn money or get a profit, because that is an result, and will always be an results…

This is today the one of the best and an well balanced marketing strategy for small Businesses. Your own Business website must be well placed, and overfilled with your unique, valuable, “home made” relevat content… Your unique Business sites will fill a need, and solve people search intent…

Stay away from distractions, to not get caught in “SEO fads”. Today’s modern SEO is all about 4 things, follow these simply advice, and you will get much time left over to spend on activities that creates Revenue to your Business..

  • On-page SEO (never keyword stuffing, focus on one keyword per page, per article. Get the keyword and the synonyms in the content enough times so that search engines know what the page, this article is about)
  • Off-page SEO (earning links to your site, improve bounce rates)
  • Technical SEO (quickly become very: search, user and mobile-friendly, improve site speed, avoiding duplicates)
  • Implement the “4 pillars” which i am talking about in my Article about Website tool.



Welcome also to read my article about, local SEO  Learn how to fix it yourself in 2017. Because i think the biggest majority of you, are running small local Businesses…

Even if you are the “newest newbie”… I believe that you can easily fix, the most important local SEO foundation, by yourself, with the help of my free tips and guidance. So you can give potential visitors and customers, a fair chance to finding you online.

But you should absolutely not feel overwhelmed, and thinking that Local SEO it’s too much to learn for me, i have no time, i don’t see the need, and i am not so interested… The only thing you should concentrate on, is the “4 pillars” below… Install them and there is a much bigger chance for your small Business, to be found by your target audience. 

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)



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