There is hardly no surprise that people at a rapidly increasing rate, use internet to find and engage with local Businesses.. Joe Morsello, have publiched data from LSAs study in 12 various USA cities..

– Joe writes, that 80% of consumers have used a Search engine in the past week to find local Business info. Business websites (63%), Social media (48%) and Mobile apps (44%) followed that..

This is simply a result from the digital revolution. Those interesting figures, in this report, show how consumer in their everyday life use digital media to quickly solve their search intent..

However folks, make no misstakes. Because as we all know, today there is internet and people have gain smart mobile devices, in all countries on this planet.. So even if those figures applies to USA at this moment.. So will of course, potential visitors and customers in other countries, also very soon adopt a similar behavior pattern..

With the facts on the table in 2017, so do not even 50% of all small Businesses, have a proper Internet presence. How can you expect that your small Business should be easy to find by Google and all your potential visitors and customers, without a proper Internet presence?


I strongly believe that all small Business need to install the “4 pillars”, to have a fair chance to be found in the today and in the future of loud noises on the Internet. The main purpose of my website, is to give you as a small Business owner, Free tips and guidance about Why and How to create a mobile friendly Business website. .. To achieve an 21 century internet presence..

So over again, i have talk about and focus on this for some years now.. Simply, that all small local Businesses must as soon as possible offer a “4 pillars” internet presence, , to not be left behind by ther compititors..

An “4 pillars” Internet Presence, will simply make it possible, for your potential visitors and customers, to much more easily found your small local Business on internet..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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