A new Episode from Omi Sido, and this time he talking about the importance of Social media for small Businesses…

Omi says, Every time I’ve got a new client I would ask them the same question.
Exactly who are you targeting on Social Media?
Delivering constant quality across all social media platforms is the only way you can maintain and increase the number of your social media followers.

– My thoughts is about , that you yourself, your unique personality, your home made content and social marketing posting, the way you talking and act with all your visitors and customers… All this is what makes you and your small Business to stands out, because that is so very hard to copy by other..

People will click on your Business sites, and visit your physical Business, because of Why you offer your products or services, visitors looks carefully for things that differentiates your Business from your competitors….

Learn why Social presence today is a matter of course for all type of small Businesses. Social sites is one of the “4 pillars” that holds up your internet presence. But once and for all, your Social sites can never replace your own Business website. 

Despite that this is year 2017, Not even 50% of all small Businesses can offer a proper internet presence. How can all those Businesses without a proper online presence, expect that their potential visitors and customers, will easily find them? when they looking for solutions for their search intent. I think we first clarifies what stand those “4 pillars” for…


Welcome to read my Article about Social media…

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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