As a result from the global digital revolution, people in most countries have very quick adopted new behavior pattern.. David Hirchman, have written an article about a new study, that looked at shoppers’ interest in shopping at stores opened by major online retailers..

The poll asked over 3,000 in-store shoppers, at 11 malls across the USA. This study turned out that the biggest majority of the potential visitors and customers, were clearly positive about visiting and even shopping at an, “online-to-brick-and-mortar”… Only 17% said they were unlikely, that they will visit or make a purchase…

This phenomenon in this article, is about big retailer chains, with big Economic muscles, and that are located in USA.. But how about you, and all the other, small local Businesses, in different countries.. What can you and they do, to catch up, with their potential visitors and customers, new behavior patterns??

One way as you already can see that small Businesses in many countries, have adapted into is: “Buy online, pick-up in store”…

Your potential vistors and customers will do internet search, related to your small Business, and they expect you to offer extraordinary content and the very best mobile friendly user experience, at an Business site… That is precisely why I pointed out many times in my articles, that all the small local business must create a Internet Presence.

I have written an article about, Why “bricks-and-clicks” will benifits small local Businesses in 2017..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)



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