Find Local Business, Is About To: Present an “4 pillars” Internet Presence, Install NAP Data, Local Keywords, Become Search, User And Mobile Friendly, You Will Overfill Your Sites, With Your Unique, Home-Made, Valuable and Relevant Content… Your Local Business Will Fill a Big Need, And Of Course, Solve People Search Intent..

So the big question remain, how can you as an small local Business be found, long before your’s potential visitor and customers, are captured by your competitors’ proper internet presence, and all their tempting offers?

Google has turned, their heavy spotlights, to help people find local Businesses.. Because over 70% of all web searches have a local intent, according to Google own data.. Globally it estimated that it is around 200 millions small Businesses and independent ventures. Still over 50% of these, have no one or have an very poor internet presence. 

So sadly the facts is, when people make an internet search to find local Businesses, probably more than 50% of all potential small local Businesses, will not be found because they have got such a poor internet presence… But here at my site, there is simple, quick and inexpensive help to get, for all those local small Businesses..

Guidance from Google is, that all small Businesses should focus on creating content first for human being, not firstly for the search engines .. And you should always keep in mind that people do not click on your sites, or visit your business, because of what you do, or because of that you offer your products or services..

People want click on your Business sites because of, Why you do what you do, and Why you offer your products or services .. And by “why” I do not mean to make money, or get a profit. Because that it is a result, and will always be a results..


Focusing on Small Business marketing online, Boosted posts works for: B2C, B2B, very local Biz, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers who have no money, Consultants, and all these people who feel like, “I don’t have the budget, or the audience, or the tools, or it’s just me…

A boosted post is when you have a post on your Facebook Business page, and you click the big blue boost button from the timeline. You’re effectively saying to Facebook, “I’d like to promote this post.” .. Continue listen to Dennis Yu, in this Podcast..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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