Super Vlogger Nikhil Gives You Some Advice…

Mumbiker Nikhil is the super Vlogger from Bombay in India.. In this episode, he gives you some good advice.. Around 8 month ago i follow him on his 4000 Km motorcycle Vlog journey from the north to the south of India.. And i was not the only viewer, many millions of entusiastic people have follow him since that..

Nikhil Vlogging almost daily about different topics, riding on one of his motrcyckles, discover cities or other places.. Talking about motorcycles, camera and other vlogging – video euquipments..

Vlogging have become an quick upcomming trend, because for many people especially millennials, smartphones gives the opportunity to quickly catch the moment, make a short film and send it to friends in seconds…

Some people like Nikhil get hooked, and have even turned Vlogging, into a living.. Here is another example: Look at this, when Nikhil testing an Electric street Motorcycle.

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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