Likes, Comments and Shares provide a sense of legitimacy around your Business… There is value in a Like, but maybe not in the way you might think, says Brad O’Brien, who have written an article about this “like” topic.. http://mklnd.com/2pgl0rS

In many studies of customer, which follow the paths that consumers take when evaluating a purchase. Quite often, in those digital day’s, one of the first things a consumer will do is look at your Social pages.. Your credibility quickly jumps out the window, when you only have a few Likes for your Social Business sites, and page posts…

There is no doubt, that today Social media have become the main marketing tool for all types of small Businesses.. Social media marketing is today used by over 70% of small Businesses, and have become their main marketing tool.

But far from all small Businesses know why and how to do it Simple and efficient.. Read my Article about: Why will Social media benefits small Business more in 2017.. http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/social-media.html

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)


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