3 Simple Actions That Will Skyrocket Social Marketing ROI For Your Small Business…


A few weeks ago, Manta surveyed more than 4,700 US small Businesses with fewer than 10 employees. It found that only 49 percent had a Business Facebook site. After a quick look at the survey, https://goo.gl/dXsxeA you will also probably find a couple of critical results..

That for example: 58% of respondents, said they spending less than 1 hrs, to theirs social sites maintenance per week, and publishing new updates – posts, only a couple times per month..

Small business marketing online, can with just 3 very simple, inexpensive and quick to perform changes, see very positive results..

– Creat a “4 pillars” internet presence. Today can every small biz, owners create and maintain their Business sites.. That will help your potential visitors and customers tremendously, to finding you and to solving their search intent.. http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/website-tool.html

– Make to a daily rutine that checking your Social sites, answer to questions and comments.. Posting regularly, when you have valuable and relevant stuff to publish..

For example: use your smartphone and take fotos, shoot a 1 minutes video, when new products arrive to your store. You together with a happy customers, after finishing a mission, etc, use your imagination.. But don’t aim for perfections, rather make it short, clear and simply..

– To regularly “boosting your posts” .. Listen to Dennis Yu in this short podcast where he explain how simply and inexpensive, small Businesses can sharply increase traffic to their sites.. https://goo.gl/aLO0EY

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)


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