Use of Digital Technic is Directly Related to The Revenue Growth…

In the today’s small Businesses market, to use digital technic is directly related to the revenue growth. Small biz, who not have become digital are at risk of losing track, to those that already are onboard.. Joe Morsello, at LSA wrote an article  about a study made by Deloitte (commissioned by Google)…

There is shown figures, from last 12 month activities amongst 2000 different small Businesses, and it’s start getting in a hurry… I think that today all small biz, can create a “4 pillars” internet presence, specially designed for small Businesses..

With this “4 pillars” you will simply place your business in the high or advased level.. Remember, that all your potential visitors and customers, already are digital. They have advanced smart mobile devices which they frequently use to find and connect to Businesses..

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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