As a result from the global digital revolution, people have adopted new behavior pattern.. Studies in USA, shows that, 55% of potential visitors and customers, were clearly positive, to visiting and even shopping at an “online-to-brick-and-mortar”…

I have written an article about: Why and How to “bricks-and-clicks” will benefits small local Businesses in 2017..  http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/bricks-and-clicks.html

What means “bricks-and-clicks”? It’s one of the many new terms that have popped up, in the wake of the new digital era. Similar expressions is: “online-to-brick-and-mortar” and “buy online, pick-up in store.” They are all new jargong expressions, which have occured in the new digital internet-reality.

Why will bricks and clicks in combined, sharply benefit small local “brick and mortar” Businesses? In short, Bricks-and-Clicks is the description of a modern small Business, which can offer its potential visitors and customers, a physical Business with facilities and opening hours..

And at the same time offers a 24/7 open online presence, with the ability to choose e Commerce, if possible..

People in all countries are doing today Internet searches.. It’s about 3.5 billions of search per day. To obtain information, find help, get new ideas, find and check out reviews on various business, find a restaurant, a auto repair shop, different products, services, making m-Commerce.. Well you see, the list is almost endless..

As you know, with their Smartphones now enable people searches anywhere and anytime. For example, a consumer may visit their fixed the clothing store to buy a new pair of jeans, but it turns out that the store did not have the right size on the shelves at the time, quickly consumers can do a search on their Smartphone and find a pair of jeans in a another clothing store…



Your potential visitors and customers will do internet search, related to your Business, and they expect that you to offer extraordinary content and the very best user and mobile friendly experience, at your Business site. That is precisely why, I have pointed out many times in my articles, that all the small local Businesses must create a “4 pillars” Internet Presence..

What can you as an small local Business do, to catch up, with people and their new behavior patterns?? One way as you already can see that small Businesses in many countries, have adapted into is: “Buy online, pick-up in store”…

Whether your small business is in India, Portugal, Nigeria or Brazil, It’s meaningless to fight the Consumers New Digital attitude, given that, instead, you have so much more to gain to quickly transform, your small brick and mortar, into a “bricks-and-clicks”.

The conditions may vary depending on your country, which industry you are in and if your business is in a big mega city, or in a smaller village in the countryside. But as I have said many times, the basic premises, give your “brick and mortar” an real internet precense..

Offers free wi-fi for visitor in your brick and mortar store. Especially millennials will quickly add the mark to, if you do not have it, and perhaps will skip your small business altogether, if they notice that Wifi is neglected. 

Read my article about: Why and How to “bricks-and-clicks” will benefits small local Businesses in 2017.. http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/bricks-and-clicks.html

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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