Small Local Businesses Internet Presence..
The discussion about small local Businesses internet presence, goes on and on.. Several surveys indicate, that more than 50% still do not have real Business sites.. To start with the users. We all know that allmost all your potential visitors and customers, today have acquired smart mobile devices. They have access to internet everywhere and almost all the time, to make searches on internet..
So why do not everyone have: hairdressers, plumbers, auto repair shops, or the small food store at the corner, a proper web presence, in order to easy be found???
I think it’s a combination of several reasons .. Many small biz, owners still believe in old rumers: it’s too expensive, technically too complicated, too time consuming, can’t see the need.. Many of these apologies were the reality 10-15 years ago..
Today can everybody, quick, simply and inexpensive install a professional business site, by yourself.. What is takes time and effort, is to fill your sites with your “home-made” valuable and relevant content, that type which will solve your audience search intent..
Recently, John Mueller from Google, talked about the advantages for small Businesses, that by yourself create their “4 pillars” internet presence, by using do-it-yourself platforms.. 
There is no doubt, that people in most countries have very quickly changed their behave patterns, they have becomed digital.. Today make people internet searches, before they decide when and where they will make a purchase, and that also for local shopping. If people can not find you on the web, you can be very sure they will find your competitors…
Wesley Young, at search engine land have also written an article on this subject.  And i agree with wesley, when he says small biz, must avoid sacrificing business websites in favor for speculations and guesswork about local marketing and web presence …
I strongly believe that all small Businesses should today have a complet “4 pillars” user and mobile friendly internet presence, that is quick, easy, and inexpensive to install and to daily maintain all by yourself, even if you are the “newest digital newbie”.. This will help your potential visitors and customers tremendously, to find you on internet….
Have a fabulous Day Folks:)

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