More and More Small Businesses Moving Their Advertising Money to Pinterest..

I think many, for long time have looked at Pinterest, as the little-brother, behind the “big boy’s”.. But time for changes are here.. More and more small Businesses are moving their advertising money to Pinterest, than ever before..

Pinterest recently hit 175 million monthly active users, a year-over-year increase of more than 50 percent, according to an article by Melanie Kaufman, .

And data from Mary Meeker, reveals that Stunning 55% percent of Pinterest users say they are there for shopping! Compare that figure, with only 12% percent of visitors on other social media… So what are you as Small Business owner waiting for?

Three-quarters of saved content on Pinterest is from businesses, which making advertising to a natural part of, instead of a annoying component of the platform.

– For Jill Sherman, svp of social strategy at DigitasLBi, Pinterest’s unique selling proposition is that it hits people at a different point in the purchasing cycle than any of the other platforms. The fact that it offers something that others don’t make it a unique opportunity for brands, she said..

“We know that it is a planning platform, and there is purchase intent when someone pins something — and that’s gold from a marketer’s perspective,” she said. “We recommend it often.”

Since users turn to Pinterest for inspiration and to plan for the future — from meals and outfits to home-improvement projects and holiday destinations — brands can win over Pinners who are interested in products.

Welcome to read my article: Why will social media benefit small Businesses more in 2017.. Social media marketing have become small Businesses main marketing tool. But far from all small Biz, know why and how to do it simple and efficient.. But do not misunderstand, to create and daily maintain your Social sites, don’t need at all to be complicated, expensive or time consuming…

Have a fabulous Day Folks:)


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