Website Builders Can Be the Next Big Growth Market in Local..

business hand typing on a laptop keyboard with Website homepage


We are here talking about small Business marketing online effort today…. Far from being an established, sleepy market, the website builder market is going through significant growth and change. This is being driven by the fact that in most countries customers’ expectations about small Businesses online presence, also have drastically changed..

Mark Macleod have written an article about SMB software market…

Gone are the days when a merchant could take out a Yellow Pages listing, print up some business cards and engage in the local community to find customers. Today’s customers seek and find businesses or whatever it is, online…

Most of big brands and businesses have already a proper web presence.. But for small local businesses, solopreneurs, etc have more than 50% still a poor or non existing presence..

For small Businesses, there is no time for “thinking about it” anymore.. Nobody likes to be left behind, but potential visitors and customers will use their smart mobile devices to seek and find on internet.. And if your biz is not there to be found, for sure some of your competitors will be there..

I have written an article about how to small Businesses by yourself can establish and maintain, a proper “4 pillars” internet presence…

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)




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