Why Must Marketers In Asia Approach Personalization Differently Than In The Western ??




After bracing for a significant push into Asia-Pacific, executives at personalization technology provider Dynamic Yield uncovered why marketers in Asia must approach personalization differently than they do in the Western world.  eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Ander Orcasitas, Dynamic Yield’s general manager for Asia-Pacific, and Mukund Ramachandran, the company’s vice president of global marketing, about the challenges brands face when creating a personalized experience for consumers in key markets in Asia.

The main difference between the West and Asia is that Southeast Asia and China are mobile-first. We always go with our native app solution first for clients in India, Indonesia and China. Whereas in the US, most retailers don’t have apps. In Southeast Asia and China, everyone—even small mom and pop shops—has apps or is thinking of releasing apps. This is a cornerstone of how we approach personalization in Southeast Asia.

Asia is a much more extreme market in that there are many different types of users in a single country. In Indonesia, there are extreme differences between the iPhone user in Jakarta and the low-screen-resolution Android user in Bandung who is several hours away from Jakarta—the same applies to users in China to a lesser extent…

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