Don’t Make Your Local SEO Content Into Door Pages…

It’s simple: Are the pages there for humans?

Always write and publish first for your audience, real human beans, not for google statistic computer base..

So in the latest edition of Greg Gifford, “Greg’s Soapbox” is calling out the “content, content, CONTENT” play and showing why overloading on content is a bad strategy…

If you’re a car dealer, and you’ve got 25 pages on your site about the 2017 Ford F-150, with each one targeting a different city, then you’re probably in bad shape. It’s likely that none of the pages are on your main menu, or even within one click of a main menu page. The pages probably all have the same photo of a truck and only a few sentences about how you sell that truck in that particular city.

Do these pages provide any value at all for an actual human? Absolutely not.

Even if you rewrite the content 25 times, they’re still useless. Sure, they’re not “duplicate” pages, but they’re repetitive pages. They all say exactly the same thing, only with a different city mentioned. There’s zero value there.

When you’re writing content for your site, or when your SEO agency is writing the content, you have to ask yourself if the content is being added to make your site better for users — or just to show up in search engines. If the thought process is “This will help me show up in searches in that city,” then your thought process is wrong….

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Local SEO,  And small Business marketing online.. It’s first of all about focusing on your user, by giving your small local Business a “4 pillars” internet presence. Simply because that will help your potential visitors and customers, to find your Business on local searche, “hopefully” long before they can discover your competitors…

But do not worry, it is not about complicated web-technical “rocket science”. Instead it is actions, tailor made for small businesses, which you can easy performed yourself..

Make your Business sites completely sorted out, so clean it can be, looks good, and of course be mobile friendly.. Make sure all page are do what they are supposed to do. Produce your content first for human being. Create valuable, relevant and unique content, that can solve your target audience search intent..

Always strive to maximum satisfy your potential visitors and customers … Are your content, useful and interesting to your audience? Is it unique enough, to stands out from your competitors?






  • Register and verify your business with Google my Business.
  • Register and verify your business with Bing places for Business.
  • Ignore all Free blog and website offers, be sure that you own your business site. Creating a user and mobile friendly business-blog or website, where you can offer e Commerce. That people choose to do local e Commerce today, is a sharply rising trend in most countries, don’t miss that opportunity.
  • Place your NAP data very well visible on absolutely all of your pages. NAP stands for.
  • Name of your Business.
  • Address (complete) to your Business.
  • Phone number to your Business…
  • Obtain “Click to call”  This is very important because the largest majority of your online visitors, want to be smartphone users.


Here you can see things that are important to your visitors. But of course also for the search engines so that they can quickly find and understand what your site is all about. This helps the search engines to match consumers search intent, with your extraordinary, valuable and relevant content.


  • File Name, your specific keywords for each page should be the filename.
  • Page Title, your specific keywords must be found in the page title.
  • Page information, your specific keyword must appear in the description, but did not repeat the page title. Think of the description as a super compressed ad, about your article. Invest time to make it perfect.
  • Keyword, each of your web pages, your article must focus on a specific keyword. But never stuff your articles, today’s search engines are so smart that you will be punished if you upholstering of your article..
  • Heading, include your specific keywords once, make the title interesting, short and powerful, appealing to people who scan.
  • Sub Heading, It makes it easier for you to write the article easier to read, easier for scanners to assess whether they want to read it, include the specific keywords for the article once, in one of the sub headings.
  • Page Content, always fill your mobile friendly site with extraordinary, valuable and relevant content. Always write first and foremost for human beings and remember, that it is always your content that’s the biggest reason why people choose to visit your site, reading, looking at photos, watching videos and last but not least choose to share and give the Review and star ratings.
  • Keywords in content that is local related, valuable, relevant, (and no stuffing.)


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Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)




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