Regularly Use of “Boosting Button” Will Push Your Free Traffic Too..



The today’s digital marketing for small businesses is about using a well ballanced mix of paid and free organic search results.. Social media have quickly becomed the main marketing tool, and that’s because it is quick, simple to use and also inexpensive. But most important is, that your potential visitors and customers, probably already are there..
In this week’s episode of,  “Here’s Why”  Mark and Eric talking about, why paid social posts will increase your free organic search results..
A well known fact with traditional paid advertising, is that you can reach out to an bigger audience. But on social media and particularly Facebook you can laser-target your chosen audience, with push the “blue button” and boost your posts..
To regularly boosting your posts, have become a very quick and inexpensive methode for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers with little time and limited budgets to reach out to their target audience.
Several marketing experts are now also talking about, the result from regularly  boosting your posts, is that you will se a significant increase of the free organic traffic to your sites…
Dennis Yu, and his blitzmetrics have many years experience from Facebook marketing.. He have deliver tons of articles, blogpost, speech and seminars.. I believe he explaine in a short and easy to understand way what “boosting posts” is all about in this podcast..
Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)

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