Vlogger Mumbiker Nikhil Is Back on The Road Again…


Vlogging is an ongoing and increasing trend. Thanks to the new more advansed and less expensive smartphones, and different types of action video cameras. And who is a those vloggers? Yes the early-adopters have been millennials…

I have follow vlogger Mumbiker Nikhil sharma from Bombay in India since September 2016, when he riding his motorbike and vloged from the north part, to the south of India.. Now almost 1 year later Nikhil is on his motorbike again, he have just join a new big trip, and the longest so far…

This time Nikhil will assist 2 friends, and vlogging on there first part from Bombay to Imphal, https://goo.gl/SfwWZz which is in the east part of India close to the border of Burma.. Nikhil have absolutly found his niche as vlogger, and that suited him perfecly… Here you se first day. https://youtu.be/UaxgExNt96c

To travell and vlogging is one of nikhil’s biggest interest and it have also become a passion for him. That combination have of course a big impact on his results.. It is amazing to se how fast and how much Nikhils audience has grown.. It is now close to 400.000 followers, and his vlogs have got more than 53 million views…

But to quickly shoot and posting a video on social media, “boosting posts” have now also become an important part of small business online marketing .. Here will Dennis Yu explaine on an very easy-to-understand way, how to do and why.. https://goo.gl/k9GMuT

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)
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