7 Changes, That Place Facebook Into The “Local Search” League…


Facebook make 7 change and aim to playing in the “local search” league, in all countries… Yes, we have all noticed over time that social media have become small businesses primary marketing tool. The main reasons is that is quick, simply and inexpensive to use. Facebook stands out with its 1,9 billion monthly active users, and more than 65 millions small business pages.. For most small biz, that means probably a majority of theirs potential visitors and customers already are ther..

So Facebook have become the natural playground to finding and engage with existing customers, and to laser-targeting potential visitors with “boosted posts” in the news feed. Wesley Young, have written an article about those 7 new changing Facebook have make.. http://selnd.com/2tGbrBd

It’s because of its simplicity, to create, to maintain and update, a Facebook business page, has become a matter of course for all small biz… There is no doubt that this social media gigant, have started to figured out how to handle tons of data from billons of their users, and from all millions of local small business. Turned all that into a mega “local social search engine”…

Make sure that your local business as soon as possible will have a proper “4 pillars” internet presence. So that your potential visitors and customers easy can find you both at social media and the search engines.. Read my article: How can you helping people finding local business.. http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/find-local-business.html

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)
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