Digital Marketing Must Today be Quick, Simple and Inexpensive to Perform..

This is words who sounds like sweet music in the ears for busy small businesses… Here i have collected a couple of article, short podcast, and videos where e.g… Keith and Molly from Digital marketer, did an interview with Dennis Yu, and he explaine why “boosted posts” have become small biz, bread and butter …

Boosted posts work in unsexy areas like B2B, small biz, entrepreneurs, freelancers who have no money, consultants, and all these people who feel like, “I don’t have the budget, or the audience, or the tools, or it’s just me.”….

Do you want to get more from your Facebook marketing and spend less time and money at the same time?? Dennis Yu from BlitzMetrics ran an amazing workshop at StartCon HQ. Watch one of his best speach for insights that you can set out to action right now today… How easy can it be.. This is a must-see-and-listen-to, for all small Business owners..

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)
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