Local SEO learn How To Fix It Yourself…


– My own opinion is that you need to make for sure that your local biz have a proper “4 pillars” internet presence, http://www.midliferswebbusiness.com/website-tool.html

Today’s modern SEO for a small local Business, is all about four point …
– To always writing and posting, first for human beings, to solving theirs search intent, why and how your business, products or service can helping them…
– On-page SEO, remember that Google has become smarter in those days, (never keyword stuffing, but focus on one keyword per page, per article. Get the keyword and the synonyms in the content only enough times so that search engines know what the page, the article, is all about)
– Off-page SEO (getting links to your site, improve your bounce rates)
– Technical SEO (be search, user, and mobile-friendly, improve site speed, avoiding duplicates)

I think small Businesses digital marketing of today must be a mix of organic and paid search results. By regularly “boosting” your social media posts you will get surprising, stunning results, Dennis Yu has proven that works for local biz, for many years now… https://goo.gl/5JAv7p
Have a Fabulous day folks:)


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