Small Businesses Will Microtargeting Potential Visitors & Customers With Facebook’s “blue button”…


How can it be more easy and inexpensive to reach to potential customers with the use of this sharp tool?

In this podcast,  you will listen to an interview with Dennis Yu, about “boosting posts”, and why they are your bread and butter. Boosted posts works for B2B, B2C, small local biz, web entrepreneurs, for freelancers, consultants, and marketers on a small budget.

Dennis Yu, is co-founder / chief technology at BlitzMetrics, an inspirator with extensive knowledge and many years of experience.

Some of Dennis clients includes the Golden State Warriors, Jack Daniels, Red Bull, some of the biggest soccer teams in the world, and tons of other companies. But here today it’s about small biz and keeping it simple, and he has a lot of experience with small business owners. Dennis mission has been to let “boosting posts” coming out of the closet.

Dennis say:  The boosted post is the big Easy Button. You don’t have to go into Ads Manager or Power Editor or the API, which are the three other ways we can create ads. This is simple. You click the blue button, you can select an audience, which is key, and we’ll talk about saved audiences and how you set that up properly. Then you just say, “Look, I want to spend ten bucks over ten days, or a dollar in one day.” Then you just let it runs, and it does its thing. It does all the stuff for you.

You know with email marketing, you have auto responders and the invisible selling machine that kind of stuff, there are all these different ways of just dripping content into people until they buy.

It’s the same thing that you do on Facebook. I’m surprised people haven’t realized Facebook is the same as email, except you don’t have to own the email and you have more ability to target because you have external triggers. You can target by lots of things that you don’t have access to in an email…..

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)



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