11 Clever Ways How To Boosting Your Small Biz Awareness Using Your Twitter Cover Photo…


David Boutin has written an article and exemplifies how numbers of successful companies are doing with this too-often overlooked opportunity. You will get tips how you can quickly and easy adopting these ideas into your own small business “about us” info and cover photos….

People’s brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain straight text. When your potential visitors and customers make internet searches, browsing with their smartphones we talking almost about microseconds for your business sites to catch folks interests. That’s why, “A picture will say more than a thousand words”…

Make your small business to stands out with a humanized cover photo. Most people including myself want to and prefers to do business with real humans. Instead of forcing visitors to seek after the “about us” info.

To include that with a picture of you and the personnel of your company, will create a warmer and personalized connection, already at first sight. This is one of all signs that signals, why your business exist, why you offer your products or services… Down here you see how Joe Pulizzi has given his Content marketing company a warm and personal cover foto to their Twitter account.



In the today’s loud internet noise it is all about to make your local biz, to stand out. As i have said the majority of your potential visitors and customers use their smartphones when they browsing around. Therefore it is important to create a cover that immediate catch their interest, that can solve their search intent, and can become one of your regular customers…..

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)


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