47 Experts Advise on the Top SEO Trends That Will Matter in 2018…


Want to up your SEO game and be more successful in 2018??

I will Recommend this Article By Danny Goodwin…

I this Article you’ll find tips and good advice from some of the top SEO professionals, in this Global & local digital marketing industry. They will tell you just about everything you need to know to succeed in 2018.

– As an added bonus, this year they have added this helpful section for those of you with extremely short attention spans. If you do not care about context or small details, but simply want to know what the most important SEO trends tricks for your Small Business will be in 2018…

If this sounds like you, here you go:

– Mobile-first
– Voice search
– Schema
– Featured snippets
– Content
– Machine learning and AI
– Speed
– Technical SEO
– Links

– But I will also like to, in a humble way, add to in this article, that local SEO and the importance for local Businesses to become easy to be found at search. Because of Google Search, Google my Business and Google Maps, have in the recent year 2017 make changes and turned their focus on just “local search”…

I just pull 1 example, i thinking on all those circa 35 millions of foreign tourists that yearly visit Thailand, and constantly using their smartphones to search for diff types of events, products or services.

I mean for all small local Businesses, in all countries, the main focus must always be to focus first on the users, your potential visitors, and customers. There is no longer any doubt, your physical Biz must today offer a digital presence, no matter how small or big.

Do not forget, that far from all can read and write your national language. Make your Business sites easy to be found, at least in an English version too.

So small Business owners, go focus on all those things, and I’m sure you’ll turn your Business to be just fine.

For all of you who now keep on read this stunning Article, you will get some amazing insights from all those 47 SEO Experts, about why all these things (and many others) will matter so much in 2018 – as well as what you need to implement, and how to do it…..

I Wish You a Fabulous Day:)

Erling.A. Sjokvist


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