Enjoy Your Xmas Holiday By Also Check out My Newsletter For Small Businesses…

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Despite it is Holiday Season, You Will Find My Daily Newsletter for Small Businesses, 365/12 …

In My Friday, December 29 Newsletter You Will Find e.g ….

How to Repurpose Blog Content Into Short-Form Social Media Updates …

Want more exposure for your Business blog? Wondering how to transform your blog articles into social media content? In this article, you’ll discover six steps to turn long-form blog posts into short-form content for social media. How to Repurpose Blog…

…   http://nzzl.us/A6ymGWb


–  Many small Business owners take some well deserved time off, during Christmas and New Year. And of course, spend time with family and friends to relax and enjoy.

But for most of us Entrepreneurs who have chosen to run a Small Business, it is hard to 100% switch off. Because to run a Biz is not only a label, it’s also a lifestyle that we have chosen.

Which means, even if you only run a small local business you need to stay updated in this high-speed digital marketing evolution. So for example, if you get some free minutes, why not take a look at some relevant article or topic, that you thought for a long time to read…

I Wish You a Continued Fabulous Christmas Holiday:)
Erling.A. Sjokvist


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