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We all know that Google’s goal is to provide the best results possible to people’s queries. And because of a majority of all searches have a local intent, Google is making constant “local” fine-tuning even more, to help people to solve their search intent.

Therefore I Believe in, that 2018, it will become even more important for Small Biz to focusing on helping all potential visitors and customers, that make searches to find Local Businesses, products or services.

The internet and the digital development takes quick steps in all countries, people have one and wear their smartphone everywhere ready to make a “nearby” search.

Take one simple example from my own experience. Thailand is for most people known as a tropical holiday paradise, and with an estimated annual numbers of foreign tourists to reach over 35 million people, that’s not hard to understand.

But when it comes to the local businesses and how easy they can be found in search there is still much to do. Even if Business owners is well aware of that a big majority of the tourists cannot read and understand the Thai language.

The users, have since a long time, acquired new smart mobile devices. And they surfing around on a faster Internet, almost everywhere, at any time.

So still, there are too many small Business and local shops, that not even have a proper internet presence in 2018.

There is high time to making sure that your small Business to be quick and easy found by your target audience, your potential visitor and customers.

Today, there its quick, easy and inexpensive to create a small Business site and the Social media Business pages. The time-consuming part is to fill those sites with relevant and valuable content, that is also optimized for an audience, that may not understand your countries native language…..

I Wish You a Fabulous Day:)


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