Google Q&A For Small Businesses …


This is the First Episode in 2018 of Google Webmasters Q&A for Small Businesses and Web Entrepreneurs…



– John Mueller is a webmaster trend analyst at Google, he has extensive knowledge and experience in many areas related e.g  to your local Business, Search, Online Biz, Internet presence… Those hang-outs are open to everyone in all countries, if you are the “newest newbie” or an experienced digital marketer, it doesn’t matter, just jump in and listen. I believe you will find many interesting issues, that also can be related to your own Small Business…

As usual, John will answer questions related to small Businesses, such, e.g  Internet Presence, Search, Social media, Digital Marketing, Crawling, SEO, Indexing, Content, Local SEO, Mobile Friendly Sites, Internationalization, Duplicate Content, Sitemaps, Search Console, Pagination, Multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc…

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)
Erling.A. Sjokvist



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